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Looking for top quality medals or trophies? Look no further than J7 Sports and Trophies in Walsall who offer a wide range of awards. With their showroom conveniently located on Aldridge High Street, whether you are looking for a spectacular trophy for a sporting event or some medals for your next competition you will are sure to find what you are looking for at J7 Sports and Trophies.

J7 Sports and Trophies offer a wide range of trophies, medals and awards. Their lovely showroom is located on Aldridge High Street, Walsall. Their aim is to offer quality products, outstanding service and competitive prices.

J7 Sports and Trophies stock a range of trophies, medals and awards suitable for a wide range of sports and activities from football, rugby, cricket and dance to golf, fishing, snooker and many more.

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For more information on services offered by J7 Sports and Trophies please phone the friendly team on 0845 643 1980 or visit the J7 Sports and Trophies website here. The J7 Sports and Trophies showroom is open Monday-Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm.


Why not personalise your award? J7 Sports and Trophies are proud to offer engraving services. Make your award extra special with personalised engraving. The skilled trophy engraving team can deal with a wide range of requests, ensuring your winners have a moment of glory that lasts. 


Are you a team manager or event organiser? Then look no further than J7 Sports and Trophies for all your awards and competition needs. J7 Sports and Trophies in Walsall offer hundreds of variations of trophy, medal and awards at competitive prices. J7 Sports and Trophies also stock clearance products at discounted prices. 


J7 Sports and Trophies offer star and achievement awards and trophies, medals and ribbons with school personalised logos, school pins and badges for prefects, school captains and more. J7 Sports and Trophies generously offer schools a discount on their quality and well-made products.


J7 Sports and Trophies offer products suitable for business and the workplace, there are also various options available for corporate awards. Whether you are looking to reward a high-performing team or business, or want to crown the most recent 'Employee of the Year', why not make the moment a special one with a quality award from J7 Sports and Trophies. A variety of medals and trophies can be personalised to include your business name, logo or emblem in addition to the engraving service provided by the expert specialist engraving team. 

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The friendly team are always there to help and assist your needs. 

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J7 trophies have an excellent range of products of which I have used for presenting an award for my staff and trophies for my son's football club. Highly recommended.
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