Salford University accept students onto courses which could be closing
22nd May 2013
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Have you applied to Salford University for September?

As A-levels get into full swing, many college students out there will be thinking about which university to choose come results day. But how would you feel if, after making this important decision, you were told that your chosen course was no longer being offered? Well, this may well be the case for many students who are hoping to go to Salford University in September, as the local press warns of possible course closures in the near future.

Apparently, Salford Uni have continued to offer degree courses to prospective A-level students, despite the fact that these courses could be closing soon after the start of the new academic year. For students pinning their hopes on a local university, this could make choices very difficult come September, leaving many people having to pick their second option, or even go through clearing. This is certainly not the kind of stressful way that students would like to begin their university life, especially when they are now paying nearly 10 thousand pounds for the privilege. It seems Salford Uni could have put a hold on applications for these courses, until they knew for sure whether they could offer them, as it could now affect up to 1300 current and prospective students.

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