Have You Chosen Your University Yet?
18th November 2013
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For college students, it is that time of the year when you must start getting serious about your university choices. It is a big and life changing decision – Where do you want to go? What course do you want to do? Are you making the right decision?

The only way to make a right decision is to make it an informed one, so why don’t you start by attending The University of Salford’s Open Day? On the 23rd November, the campus (including MediaCityUK) is open for potential students to come poking around and see what tickles their fancy.

Explore the grounds with organized student tours, or pop into a scheduled talk about the University, or just wander around at your leisure – the choice really is up to you! You can learn more about the courses that are on offer, meeting students and tutors alike.

The University of Salford is a fantastic university that breeds excellence! Even if Salford isn’t your first choice, make sure you pop down because an informed decision is a right one – and you don’t want to make the wrong decision!

Word of advice: Check out MediaCityUK.

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