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Being a part of the community is one of Hertford Town's key values and with that they are heavily involved with Mudlarks Charity.
Come and see the world famous Weasley Twins from Harry Potter as they join the (unofficial) fastest bowler in the world, Jeff Thomson at this charity cricket match just outside of Hertford in Widford.
Outdoor swimming pools are alive and kicking, especially in Ware. Just 5 minutes from Hertford is The Ware Lido in Ware Priory, a heated outdoor swimming pool open daily throughout Summer.
Hertford's leading fitness centre, Nuffield Health Hertford is hosting its first open weekend of 2013, come down and use the facilities for free!
How much have you explored downstream the River Lee from Hertford? Ever wondered where it ends up? Or what it travels through? Well read on because we're about to tell you!
A look back at one of Hertford's proudest moments as the Olympic Torch Relay came through Hertford town centre witnessed by thousands of proud Hertford residents.
The London Olympic organisers have made themselves very clear on the rules for not using the Olympic branding on marketing marterial, we ask why.
The Olympic torch is coming through Hertford on the 7th July! View the whole route for the day here!
Did you know that the Olympic torch is going to be passing through Hertford on the 7th July for the 2012 London Olympics. Make sure you're out and about in Hertford to see the Olympic Torch racing through Hertford!
You may have seen the film Run Fat Boy Run recently where the chap entered a 'marathon' to win the heart of his loved one? Well you don't need something as extreme as that to find pleasure in running. Some reasons to include running into you fitness.
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