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First of all, it’s worth knowing how to carve out a pumpkin properly.
How to ... Halloween Owls
How to ... Halloween Owls
Want a simple treat to satisfy trick and treaters? These easy to make chocolate owls make a great gift as well as a fun thing to make with children.
What will give your young ones or those young at heart a giggle is food themed to Halloween, so we’ve come up with a few dead simple munchies that will be just the thing to bring on a few smiles.
Following are some Halloween decorations that are quick, easy and at very low cost to produce.
Halloween falls at the end of October, 31st to be precise. The following day, the 1st November being All Saints Day. October 31st then is the eve of All Saints Day and All Souls Day falls on the 2nd November. The Three-day period is known as Allhallowtide, which gives us a clue to where the name of Halloween originated.
Spooky Nights
Spooky Nights
It is nearly time to get your pumpkins ready to keep those ghosts away…
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