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There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the practical driving test - can you sort the fact from fiction?
It’s nearly time for Mother's Day 2017 and what better way to treat your Mum than a nice afternoon out to enjoy the first glimpses of Spring (hopefully!).
If you find large, busy, multiple exit roundabouts scary, try applying the LADA routine to help you deal safely and effectively with these junctions.
You should apply the same rule to mini roundabouts as normal roundabouts, give way to traffic from the right. However I have noticed over the years that learner drivers especially in the early stages will stop unnecessarily at mini roundabouts even though it is clear for them to continue. So the question is why? Are they being hesitant? Are they not sure of the rules? Or maybe they do not feel confident enough with the controls of the car?
I was reading an article yesterday, a link from Facebook as it happens, and found out that the 28th June is National Unplugging Day. Well, if there was something that would make me stop and think, that was it.
Rule Britannia!
Rule Britannia!
I'm Karen Ward, your local Travel Counsellor and I was very lucky to have stayed on board P&O's brand new ship, Britannia last week, as part of their launch celebrations!
Meet the Member  - Karen Ward
Meet the Member  - Karen Ward
Now that the Christmas holidays are just a memory, it is of course time to start to think of our summer holiday, or mid-winter, or that cruise, or skiing and this month we have interviewed thebestof Hertford and Ware’s member that specialises in travel:  Karen Ward from Travel Counsellors.
From 8th June 2015 you will no longer require the paper counterpart of your driving license.
Autumn Has Finally Started…
Autumn Has Finally Started…
Autumn seems to have taken forever to get here! Although we shouldn’t grumble too much; the prolonged summer has been great.  But there’s no doubt about it; autumn is definitely on its way.
The good old Mercury which has been a familiar, regular feature in local people's lives for longer than most of us care to remember has had a new lease of life injected into it in that it has had a make-over and a re-brand.
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