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New Products Launching
New Products Launching
I'm very excited to announce that we have a selection of new products launching.
UK Tax Rates for 2021/2022
UK Tax Rates for 2021/2022
HB Accountants have produced a Tax Card which summarises many of the rates and allowances fundamental to your business and personal lives.
I’m sure I was not alone in ignoring my best intentions and comfort ate more than I should during lockdown.
A great question: “Should I attempt an electrical job myself, or should I call in a professional to do it for me?”
Businesses and Individuals should always plan ahead to minimise their tax bill – with the end of the 2020/21 tax year fast approaching, this year more than ever (with the Covid19 pandemic impacting on not only our mental health but our financial health too), begs the question, have you thought about what strategies you can implement into your financial plan to ensure it is as tax-efficient as possible?
Burglaries and particularly garage break-ins becoming more and more frequent.
The world of fragrances is fascinating, but can be confusing to many of us, raising frequent questions such as: ‘Why does my fragrance fade quickly on me?’ ‘Why does my fragrance smell good on me, but awful on my best friend?’ ‘Why did my favourite fragrance smell great on me a few years ago, but doesn’t seem to work for me anymore?’
New Uniforms!
New Uniforms!
Be sure to keep an eye open for Glow White's new uniforms.
Here are the top five problems that you might experience with your intruder alarm - and what to do about them
Choosing the right locksmith can be a difficult decision, especially when you’re not sure how to tell a good locksmith from a bad one, and when pricing information can be so hard to come by...
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