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With the buy-to-let landscape continuing to evolve, landlords need to consider four changes to take advantage of the market in 2020.
The VAT payment holiday window ends on 30 June, and normal payment dates resume from 1st July. What should you do if you can’t pay the VAT due by 7th July, because of the impact of Covid-19 on your trading situation?
Adapt and change
Adapt and change
I’ve worked in Travel for many years and helped others along the way. So many different crises have occurred, I’ve had to adapt to stay.
Since a very young age guitars have excited me. The sound of an electric guitar is what first got my interest - from hearing The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks and The Who etc. on the radio when I was very young, to discovering and immersing myself into the sounds of T.Rex, David Bowie and Slade when I was a bit older and had the pocket money to go out and buy records.
Father's Day is fast approaching (Sunday 21st June)! Don't fear if you are stuck for a present, we have compiled a gift guide so that you can spoil your dad this Father's Day without ever having to leave the house.
If you would like to treat yourself or a loved one to a fine fragrance or a selection of magical mineral makeup then FM World is the answer.
If you are at a crossroads and you would like of a change of direction from your current job to a career which gives genuine job satisfaction, then read on…
Hertford and Ware is now back open for business.
Controlling your staff’s temperature as never been more important as now.
The ongoing lockdown may be the catalyst for many limited company owners to change their business model in order to survive or to create a simpler way of working. One option is to disincorporate – in other words, dissolve the limited company and, if the business is still viable, operate as a sole trader instead.
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