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Hertford Family Pride
Hertford Family Pride
Hertford Town Council are delighted to be hosting their first ever Pride event: ‘Hertford Family Pride Day’ on Sunday 12th May at Hertford Castle, 12-4pm.
The Mayor of Hertford welcomed over 70 people to a fun packed and music filled evening at the Corn Exchange, on Saturday 6th April at 6:30pm.
At the meeting of the Council that took place on Monday 25th March, Hertford Town Council unanimously voted to endorse a motion calling for a change in outdated electoral laws and to enable Proportional Representation to be used for UK general elections and local elections in England.
On Thursday 21st March, Hertford Town Council delivered a successful Annual Town Meeting to 40 Hertford Residents.
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On Thursday 22nd February, the Castle Grounds in Hertford hosted a Dark Skies event.
At the meeting of January 15th, 2024, Hertford Town Council unanimously voted to endorse the Climate and Ecology Bill currently being promoted through Parliament by the environmental advocacy group Zero Hour.
At a meeting of the Full Council, Hertford Town Council has set its precept for the 2024/25 financial year of £119.48 for a Band D household. This is an increase of 8.9% from the previous year.
A tree to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III was planted by the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Mr Robert Voss CBE CStJ and the Mayor of Hertford, Cllr Vicky Smith.
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