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Mums will always be special...
Mums will always be special...
This year, Mother’s Day falls on March 27th. We will be invited to give cards and presents and to think of ways to let our mums, grandmothers, daughters know how special they are.
So okay flowers and chocolates and all that are very nice but lets face it, they’re not very imaginative are they?
It’s nearly time for Mother's Day 2017 and what better way to treat your Mum than a nice afternoon out to enjoy the first glimpses of Spring (hopefully!).
Last month I did go on about how much I was not keen on Valentine’s Day. However, Mother’s day is rather different.   Yes I know, it’s probably become yet another reason for retailers to sell us stuff, but I think it should be used as an “excuse” just to spend some time with your mum.
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