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If you are at a crossroads and you would like of a change of direction from your current job to a career which gives genuine job satisfaction, then read on…
As you may know, in response to the Coronavirus, the Government announced there would be support for small businesses, and businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors.
I have been left pondering this question after an unfortunate experience with a large organisation, but is it fair to tar all big businesses with the same brush?
When was the last time you assessed the security of your home or business? Woodhill Security are the local security specialists for commercial, industrial and domestic properties throughout Hertfordshire and the London area.
Personalisation of E-mails
Personalisation of E-mails
🚨 Hertford and Ware business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to get their emails opened, let alone have any action taken from what’s in the main copy. 🚨
There are other ways to get your posts in front of people on Facebook other than just organic posts!
I’m talking about Google My Business (or GMB to the millennials).
. . . and it’s an email that’s only 3 lines long.
You and I know all too well how much hard work goes into creating advertising and marketing to get new leads and enquiries and when you do, the natural thing is to try and get in touch with them, right?
Are you bonkers?
Are you bonkers?
You’re bonkers, you’re being totally BONKERS…if you don’t pick it up.
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