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What is Gas Safe?
What is Gas Safe?
Because Gas is ever present in our lives, in our homes, our businesses, and in our care homes, it is essential that there is a recognised standard of safety for the people that we rely on to fix any problems when they occur. Gas Safe is that standard.
Adding space to your property, an ‘outside’ room maybe, or a much-needed dining room? Whatever the reason, getting it right is vitally important because a perfect conservatory will add value to any home, a less than perfect one can knock a chunk off the value.
Because water is such a vital part of our daily lives and is a major utility it is right and appropriate that there should be Industry Standards to protect consumers.
By definition a handyman is someone who is capable, skilled, and able to do occasional repairs and run-of-the-mill-tasks around property. However, finding a good one is another matter.
Exciting News for local family run plumbers, Bain Plumbing Services, they have just had a brand new website designed – and we think it looks amazing!
Bain Plumbing Services are a fantastic local, family run, plumbing and heating company and they are celebrating their 10th Birthday!
The boiler is an integral part of every home powering the central heating system and providing hot water, homes quickly cease to function as normal when the boiler stops working especially when Winter sets in. To ensure that the boiler continues to work and with optimum efficiency preventative maintenance is recommended.
Gas Safety Week is September 15th to 21st.
It is a sign of our times that security for homes and businesses is at the forefront of the minds of many people. The lack of appropriate protection may impact on one’s Insurance cover particularly for businesses. However, by taking pro-active steps we can all make the work of criminals much harder and protect our interests, and sleep easier, at the same time.
Wet rooms are the fastest growing sector in the bathroom market, it is estimated that 5% of UK homes currently have a wet room, this is set to grow to 34% by 2019. While this is great news for Bain Plumbing who specialise in wet room installation, there is still a stigma attached to them that can make plumbers reluctant to install them which puts customers off having their dream wet room installed.
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