How often should I have my boiler serviced?
29th September 2016
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The boiler is an integral part of every home powering the central heating system and providing hot water, homes quickly cease to function as normal when the boiler stops working especially when Winter sets in. To ensure that the boiler continues to work and with optimum efficiency preventative maintenance is recommended.

Regular Planned Maintenance will benefit the boiler. As with a car, if it is not serviced in time it will start to cause trouble, break downs and eventual collapse can follow. There are safety issues attached especially to Gas boilers.

Gas leaks are, happily, very rare but can happen and if they do they put the family and property at risk. Regular checking of connections will ensure that leakages do not happen. Similarly, gas, if burned efficiently, will provide quick heat and the correct burning of Gas is clean and efficient. However, if the burners are not working properly then the jets may need to be repaired, replaced or cleaned. A Gas boiler that is not up to standard will emit more emissions adding to the rise of greenhouse gases. Correct venting to atmosphere is important as carbon monoxide gas must be extracted efficiently to avoid risk.

Regular planned maintenance will improve the performance of the central heating system which in turn is wholly cost effective in reducing running costs, because the boiler will not have to burn so much fuel to maintain the required temperature. Further, the environmental impact will be reduced because as well as burning cleaner the boiler will not burn so much fuel because of the improved efficiency.

Boiler Checks must include:

Servicing completed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer who will:

  • Check the boiler is running efficiently.
  • Test for harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide.
  • Check all radiators are heating up properly and are free from leaks.
  • Ensure the hot water cylinder is in good condition (Where applicable).
  • Check gas tightness is satisfactory.
  • Check the boiler operating pressure is correct.
  • Check ventilation provision is satisfactory.
  • Check the condition and performance of the boilers flue.
  • Issue a UK Gas Safety Certificate for the boiler

Boiler technology has moved on with very precise control available and excellent heat exchange. Regular service checks allow the owner to make sure that the equipment is still up to the job. Replacing an old boiler can be the best saving a customer can make, boilers cost less, they are smaller and very effective. For people running heating systems that cater for elderly, very young children, or vulnerable people the consequences of boiler failure are magnified, but so is the saving of regular planned maintenance, it could be a life saver.

Bain Plumbing Services are a reputable and trusted local Gas Safe company who speicalise in boiler maintenance. To find out more about them, give them a call on 01204 396669

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