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24th October 2016
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By definition a handyman is someone who is capable, skilled, and able to do occasional repairs and run-of-the-mill-tasks around property. However, finding a good one is another matter.

Because ‘odd jobs’ are seen as minor to many people there is a tendency to either botch them yourself or ask someone you know to botch it for you. Clearly, that is unacceptable. Having someone that can be trusted to do a ‘proper job’ in a professional way, safely and responsibly is a very important asset to have.

Clean4Gleam ticks all of the boxes, they are a local family business owned and operated by Nicholas Bellis, an honest, hardworking man who takes great care of his customers. Clean4Gleam is a cleaning company that offers handyman services throughout the Bolton area, they are friendly and offer excellent customer service, often going the extra mile for their clients.

Clean4Gleam are fully CRB checked, such is their concern to present a safe and caring service, after all no one wants to allow just anybody into their homes as that would be unsafe and not advisable.

No job is too small, or too large. Domestic jobs are taken care of skilfully and carefully making sure that customers can rely on the outcome. No botched jobs here, Clean4Gleam work too hard building their business reputation to spoil their image by doing shoddy work. Clean4Gleam can do larger work too, so business owners needing this kind of job doing can rely on Clean4Gleam to take care of it for them, being a Cleaning Company they will clean up afterwards as well. Domestic customers and business people only need to make a call to Nicholas to arrange to assess the work required and he will work out a sensible price and organise the work for you.

Not only will Clean4Gleam give excellent service they will give you peace of mind at the same time, and that is worth a great deal.

Existing Handyman services offered by Clean4Gleam include all of the jobs that we all hate:

  • Oven cleaning, why not get a deep oven clean before the festive season starts then you will be ready for the turkey.
  • Window and window frame cleaning, don’t forget the doors too they get dirty too.
  • Conservatory cleaning, this is a big job made easy by the experts.
  • Clearing out the gutters, clogged up gutters will overflow and when frosts start the paths beneath will get icy.
  • Roof cleaning, a job best left to people with the right equipment, and a head for heights.
  • Jet washing of paving, decking, garden paths etc.
  • Wheelie bin Cleaning, a horrible job best left to the professionals.
  • General rubbish removal to the appropriate facility.

Clean4Gleam offer most handyman and cleaning services to householders and businesses, if you need a Handyman who is safe and reliable then contact Nicholas Bellis and ask for details of the full range of services, prices and availability.

If you would like to find out more about the services they offer, give them a call on 07916 275046.

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