10 Things to Consider when Choosing a Vet
23rd November 2016
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To many people their pets are an essential part of life, for some they are companionship, for others their best friend and the relationship that one has with a pet can be deeply personal.

The relationship with some pets is based upon total trust, dogs for example will reward that trust with unconditional love. Whatever the pet and however deep the love of animals it is necessary to enlist the skills of a vet to make certain that your pet remains in excellent health.

To that end having access to a Veterinary professional is a pre-requisite, we offer ten suggestions about how to choose a vet.

Choose a Veterinary Practice that is registered with the voluntary body the RCVS. A member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme accredits veterinary practices according to the services and/or specialties they offer. Accredited practices undergo rigorous inspection by qualified inspectors every four years. Between inspections, practices may also be subject to spot checks. Accredited practices display the RCVS Accredited Practice logo.

Check with neighbours and friends about which vet they recommend, public acclaim is a good clue.

Make sure that the vet that you select is happy to treat your pets, some vets specialise in small animals and that includes domestic pets. People who keep special types of pets, snakes and other reptiles should check with the vet to make certain that they are prepared to treat exotic animals.

Is the Veterinary Practice easy to get to, with adequate parking? Carrying a sick animal any distance is not easy?

How easy is it to get to the Veterinary Practice, are there bus routes, could you get a lift?

What are the Practice consultation times, and do they fit in with your ability to get there?

If you have an unsocial pet, a dog that will not tolerate other dogs, can you make an appointment? Sitting in a waiting room with dogs that want to fight is not good for the animals, the people with them or staff, plus an aggressive dog may pose a threat to the Veterinary staff.

How does the Practice deal with out of hours’ care? Accidents and emergencies sometimes occur out of hours. Is there a Duty Vet on call?

What is Veterinary Care going to cost? Routine care and emergency care, it is advisable for pet owners to seek insurance cover, possibly through the Veterinary Practice, to ensure that all costs are covered.

Is the Veterinary Practice local, it is reassuring for people to be able to deal with local professionals?

Regan Veterinary Group is the local professional practice that ticks every box. The Practice is local throughout the Bolton area, easily accessible, and staffed by local people.


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