Car garages – Dodge, visit or avoid?
26th August 2014
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Cars, whether we like it or not, are an essential part of our lives for the vast majority of us and if anything goes wrong with them our lives can be thrown into temporary chaos. That is why it is important and recommended that our cars are checked over and serviced regularly, usually yearly will suffice unless you work on the move.


But for most non-mechanically minded (like myself) this would mean a trip down to the local garage to get these checks done, which is a place that’s feared nearly as much as the dentist chair, especially by female car owners. After all garages are dirty, dark places down cold back streets and operated by shady characters who wouldn’t look out of place in a Dickens novel, right?


Well, it pleases us to say, Wrong!


We can’t say confidentially that these garages don’t exist anymore, but we can, based on our premises and staff as well as some of our competitors, say there are a lot of reputable garages in the Bolton area.


We are a clean, professional, honest and friendly garage that are part of the Bosch Car Service scheme which requires its members to exhibit and maintain excellent customer service levels further confirming our commitment to making our customers happy.


Therefore garage shouldn’t be avoided at all costs. Quite the opposite in fact as we will be able to keep your vehicle in good condition, keeping it on the road meaning your running costs should be kept to a minimum, as maintenance is a lot kinder on the pocket than repair.


We offer everything you need to keep your car in good working order, from services, MOT’s, Tyres, Air Conditioning and Batteries. We even offer a free collection and drop off service to allow you to get on with your day without having to bring your vehicle to us, we’ll come to you.


Call Lostock Motor Works on 01204 478120 to speak to one of our experienced mechanics and book your car in today for whenever is convenient 

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