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Buying or selling a property successfully can be determined by one simple factor: the conveyancing lawyer. There is a huge difference between a good and a bad conveyancer. Here are 5 tips to help you make the right choice.
At this time of year we all have our heating turned up high and couldn't manage without it but if you need a repair or replacement make sure you only use a 'Gas Safe' installer.
Studies have shown that the number of people renting properties in Bolton and across the UK is increasing, whilst the number of owner-occupied properties is decreasing. Estate and letting agencies such as the Purple Property Shop and Regency Estates are offering advice for those considering renting.
Christmas lights come in all shapes, sizes and colours. But they're all powered in the same way, and the sheer power of the electricity running these lights can create a major hazard. Westwood Electrical have 10 tips to keep you safe this Winter.
The advent of the internet has been great for many a number of things, including shopping. But does anything beat actually holding and examining a project before purchase? Chamberlain Doors don't think so, which is why they have opened a brand new, shiny showroom.
Right now, you've probably started your Christmas shopping (or at least you should have done). And there is likely to be lots of fun and exciting gifts in your house just waiting for the big day. You wouldn't want these to be stolen because of a poor door lock, would you?
Blackout Blinds have recently become a popular fixture in homes during the Summer months when the sun is shining and the weather is good (okay, so they're probably even more popular in a country that actually has a Summer). But, they are making a case for Winter use too.
Christmas is a time for good-will amongst men, for too much food, and for entertaining. It therefore makes sense that you would want to have your home looking the best it could possibly look for when those house-guests arrive. Click for more, including some excellent transformations by P&D Heating & Bathrooms.
Christmas is, for most people, their favourite time of year. But, the unfortunate reality is, it can also be one of the worst times of the year for crime. So, it is essential that you stay safe during this festive period, whether it is you personally, your home and family, or even your business. And, luckily, we have lots of great businesses here at thebestof Bolton that can help you do just that.
The age-old debate can still be found raging beneath closed doors; a debate concerning whether to move to a new house, or to stay put, and extend your current location. With a relaxing of the planning regulations, that decision may be a little easier. Click for more.
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