A Little Rain Or Snow Won't Stop Danmarque Roofing Being The Best
14th November 2012
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A roof is important. Without a roof, a building is, well, it isn't a building. It's just a shell. And, in these cold Winter months, everyone needs a roof. But what's the point in having a roof that isn't fit for purpose? That's where Danmarque comes in.

Danmarque Roofing is a professional roofing contractor offering a reliable and friendly service for private and commercial customers. The company provides roofing services across Bolton and surrounding areas. And, as if proof were needed of how great the work is that Danmarque does, they've been very busy.

To keep up with all the work, the business has purchased two new vehicles so that, now, in total, they have three vehicles, all liveried up, and all driving round Bolton, responding to people's roofing needs.

They have also employed 3 additional operatives, and now have a team of six. With the additional operatives, they have a dedicated Remedial Repairs Response Team which is enabling them to attend most enquiries within 24 Hours.

And, In recent weeks, Danmarque have completed a School Project (Castleton Primary School), working in conjunction with Rochdale Borough Council.

Very busy indeed. But there's more.

Danmarque have found the time to review the technical advances in the ‘EPDM Rubber Cover System’, which is a flat roof system they install. The review has lead them to a supplier who is now providing Danmarque with the most up to date materials. That supplier is in America, making the business truly global. The flat roofing products available in the US are about 5 Years ahead of the UK, and, with Danmarque using their technology and products, this makes them one of the leading companies in the North West to Supply & Install EPDM Rubber Cover Systems.

To go along with the most up to date systems, Danmarque are also looking at extending their 10 year insurance-backed guarantees to 10 + 10 Year Guranatee. The 10 + 10 year can be offered ensuring specific materials are used, e.g. contact adhesive, rubber bonds, etc.

Also included in every Danmarque re-roof, upon acceptance of a quote and completion of the work, every customer gets two annual maintenance visits, and the customer can request these visits any time through the following 12 months after the work has been completed.

As you can see, Danmarque really go the extra length to make sure their products and workmanship is of the highest quality, and that the customer service matches that level. If you'd like more information about Danmarque, or want to enquire about having some work done, give them a call on (01204) 374004, or visit their feature page here.

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