Getting your Garden Ready for Spring with 4D Garden Design
13th March 2017
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The pre-spring season is the most exciting time of year for lovers of gardens and of gardening. As the ground temperature begins to rise the many spring bulbs prepare to herald the season of new growth, daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, hellebores and so many more are quick to flower bringing colour to the flower beds and pleasure to the observer.

Now is the time to begin some TLC, or recruit someone who will do it for you allowing you to sit back and enjoy the view.

A pre-Spring tidy up will refresh the garden, clearing away windfall branches, leaves and rubbish that may have blown into the garden in the winter-gales. Grass areas will still be a touch boggy, so leave raking-up for a week or two before getting to grips with them. Once the turf is dry underfoot that is the time to improve drainage with your garden fork.

Grass cutting. The growing season for grass is May to September, when May comes an early trim will be in order.

Hedges may be trimmed to shape and to encourage new growth, cutting them is the relatively easy bit, clearing away all the clippings and disposing of them at the amenity tip is hard work. 

Pruning trees to shape so that they enhance your garden rather than dominate it. 

Weeding and weed disposal, getting down to this endless task is a good idea as removal before their flowering season will reduce the chance for weeds to reproduce.

Rather than using shop bought chemicals look for alternative ways to get rid of garden pests, natural wildlife does inhabit our garden, hedgehogs, frogs and of course our feathered friends many of whom will eat slugs and snails etc., but they are in great peril when slug pellets and chemical sprays are being used. Rather than spraying weeds etc., dig them up, a chemical free garden will attract these visiting wild creatures who will happily remove the pests free of charge.

Garden ponds can be tidied up now, removing windblown leaves and other debris from the water. Also, dead plants can be removed but first make sure that they aren’t just dormant, now that the frosts are (almost) finished those dormant plants will respond to the extra daylight and warmth.

Or... if you fancy a whole garden makeover instead of doing this yourself, people tend to focus on the interior of their house, but not their gardens.

4D Garden Design have some fantastic ideas to suit all budgets and sizes of gardens.

Let them take on your garden design project and truly bring it to life! 

If you would like to find out more information about the services that 4D Garden Design & Construction Limited can offer, give them a call on 01204 460369

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