Spring Cleaning with Clean4Gleam
7th March 2016
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Spring cleaning though can be back aching work, not a problem for some but for busy people and those who simply cannot do housework there is help at hand.

Clean4Gleam are local Cleaning specialists. Clean4Gleam will take away the back breaking drudge of cleaning the house, quite literally as they will clean the house from top to bottom.

Clean4Gleam is a family run business run by Nicholas Bellis who is determined to offer the very best service to domestic and commercial customers throughout the Bolton area. So professional are they that their staff are CRB checked, why is this important? Because, when they send someone to clean a person’s home they need to be certain that the people that they employ are the best and most rusted people available. Customer service and confidence are vitally important to a growing business, and that is where Clean4Gleam excel.

Services provided by Clean4Gleam include:

  • Domestic, private and business cleaning with thorough conscientious care. Carpets, surfaces, bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Oven cleaning, a horrible job best left to the professionals.
  • Window and frame cleaning, making the house sparkle.
  • Window and door cleaning, so the home looks lived in and cherished.
  • Conservatory cleaning, hard work but so rewarding when it is fresh and clean ready for the warm evenings to sit in and enjoy,
  • Gutter cleaning, leaves collect and compact slowing water coming off the roof that can cause overflowing water wetting the walls that can cause damp internally if not remedied,
  • Roof cleaning, removing moss and other debris,
  • Jet washing of patios, paving, concrete aprons, and decking to remove moss, grime and weeds, ready for the Spring and Summer,
  • Vehicle cleaning, cars and larger vehicles carry a lot of dirt under wheel arches and of course they need a regular wash to maintain body work in good condition,
  • Wheelie bin cleaning, a dirty job but well worth having it done to remove gathered dirt, and any possible infectious material from collecting, and to make them smell nice and fresh,
  • Rubbish removal, taken to the amenity tip for you and disposed of appropriately.

Clean4Gleam offer the whole package plus:

A Handyman and Decorating service, to do the odd jobs around property, and to look after and keep fresh the appearance of domestic property and commercial premises.

The Handyman service will take care of unruly hedges, grass cutting, weeds, and general tidying up.

Decorating of domestic and commercial property includes, painting and wall papering.

Clean4Gleam believe that no job is too big and no job is too small, and that both require the best of good service.

The Clean4Gleam Home help service, is available to assist the elderly folk with their cleaning needs and a bit more.

If you would like any more information about Clean4Gleam, give them a call on 07916 275046.

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