Why you should never paint your fence panels again
12th October 2016
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Painting wooden fences is not the best pastime known to man or woman, depending upon the size of the fence it may be a trial of endurance that needs to be revisited annually.

Should the wooden fences around a garden or property be high then there is the added risk of falling making the job both unwise and unnecessary. Balancing on step ladders is seriously risky – anything over two meters in height requires a scaffolding tower under Health and Safety rules. Of course the whole enterprise is sheer hard work. 

Whatever method one uses there will still be rot and deterioration due to strong winds, vandalism, constant rain and snow, plus the cost of materials and equipment that will enable weather proofing and decoration of the fencing.  All of this can be avoided simply, cost effectively, and permanently.

CarMan Plastics are specialists in supplying fencing that is weather proof, durable, does not need to be painted and water proofed, and all being well it will last a lifetime.

CarMan Plastics supply authentic wood/timber look fencing. Having the appearance of a timber fence panel the panels are attractive to the eye and totally maintenance free. These timber look panels will not need to be weather proofed or painted for decoration - ever. The materials used are Everlast recycled products making them environmentally responsible. Fencing for any property, domestic homes, school playgrounds, council and housing association properties are using the product to reduce costs of maintenance and many have reduced replacement costs by approximately 80%, a good reason to consider them for your home.

Everlast fencing panels are lightweight and easy to install, they can be screwed into concrete retaining posts to reduced movement and to deter thieves. There is a variety of fence styles available from a simple picket fence to a large area perimeter fence, all unaffected by sun light enabling them to retain their colour and character for many years.

Everlast plastic fence panels are available in a variety of colours too, to brighten up the fence and improve the look of your property inside the garden and out.

For easy installation the CarMan Plastics Fence Panels can be slotted into pre formed concrete posts with channels, making installation and replacement simple.

CarMan Plastics of Bolton supply a range of plastic products for property improvement, Conservatories, Windows, Doors, Canopies and Porches, Roofline Products, Flood Doors, Gates, Benches, Decking, Store Doors, and Everlast Garden Rooms are all available, and CarMan Plastics offer a complete service to enable customers to decide on what they need, get a good price, arrange delivery and installation, all done in the most professional manner. Great customer service, and great labour saving products.

To find out more about the fantastic services that CarMan Plastics offer, give them a call on 01204 398333

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