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Urmash Fatania of 'Laptop Repair Bolton' warn of the dangers of Internet Scams like the 'Windows Scam' currently being carried out on unsuspecting computer users. Urmash says 'always consult a professional if you are unsure what you are being told."
I have seen lots of these lanterns being set off across Bolton at various times throughout the year and often wonder what the impact of these are. Is it pretty harmless fun or is there health and safety or environmental issue with them?
Animal World, Moss Bank Park is under threat of closure. So many memories of the of this attraction at Moss Bank Park but the reality is that at a cost of over £100,000 per year it may form part of the budget cuts in Bolton. What do you think?
Bolton Council and Bolton Probation Service are again working together in the 'Community Payback Scheme' to see offenders visibly paying back to the community for their crimes. Residents can vote for one of five areas to be cleaned up across Bolton.
Communication, such a long word! Well there is no getting away from it, how we come across to our customers, how we communicate with them and get the message out there to those people that really count but the bad news is its more than just verbal
The controversial subject of parking in Bolton. Is car parking in Bolton any more expensive or difficult than any other town? A subject with many conflicting views, we would like to hear your comments.
An £83 million plan to rebuild schools across Bolton has been axed in new budget cutbacks.
A recent survey has revealed that over 50% of the UK’s workforce feel stressed at work.
Labour triumphs over the Conservatives with an all round win in Bolton.
David Cameron visits Bolton in advance of May elections.
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