How Communication Affects Our Daily Life
12th October 2010
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OK so you think you are a great communicator? But are you? In life or in business, how great are your communication skills? What do you expect to receive as communication and more importantly how well do you communicate with others?

So many methods of communication to choose from but then even that’s a difficulty. Verbal but then the teenagers don’t get it! Facebook and twitter but then the oldies don’t get that! Non-verbal communications, eye contact, body language, facial gestures, the bits we don’t even realise are happening (or not as the case may be!)

Colour Me Beautiful, colour and image consultants in Bolton state that

‘Working on areas such as communication skills and personal image they can give you an insight into just how we are viewed by others’

We all expect to be communicated with in the most effective way possible... expect everyone else to communicate with us that is! How often have you been left wondering what's happening, in a shop maybe, when the assistant has left you standing alone waiting for an answer to a simple question or holding on the end of a telephone while music irritates the life out of you, or even worse listening to silence and wondering if they have hung up.

It’s the not knowing, being left in the dark. They know but you don’t can be one of the most irritating experiences ever. In my opinion, it is the first principle of customer excellence is to keep your customers informed every step of the way. 

Marketing is the first level of communication in business, informing potential customers exactly what it is you do and how to access it; otherwise how do they know you can help them at all? It makes me smile when businesses who have seen a downturn decide not to communicate at all with their customers and ‘baton down the hatches’ thinking that’s the way to ride out the storm. At thebestofbolton we really want to help you bring your business to life and show its personality, communicating with your customers in every way you can. Clare from Calico Photo does a fantastic job of this for us and showcases our ‘bestof’ businesses in a photo shoot that really captures the essence of the faces behind the business name.

An effective website, well designed and optimised is a fantastic tool to attract potential customers to your door. Companies like Orbis Training, a great Bolton company who deliver outstanding results for their clients, through effective websites.

Then there is social media, arghhhh I hear you say, but I am sorry to tell you it really is the way of the world and its growing every day and you either get stuck in there or miss the boat entirely. Social media will grow whether you like it or not. Remember if you don’t like it or don’t have time then why not use Goo-Net UK who can take away the hassle and do it for you. Why not ‘fake it till you make it’?

Speed is essential in today’s market place, customers want information and they want it now! If you don’t deliver on time then you will probably lose the order, that could have meant delivering information; specification, price, delivery date, etc. Fail to communicate at any one of these steps and that fickle customer will vote with his feet and go elsewhere and the sad thing in that you may not even notice he has gone. 

Communication is a fabulous tool and used effectively can really endear people to you. Jennie Nightingale from Knightbridge School of Music says that ‘The Gift Of Music is a Gift For Life’. She firmly believes that music is the medium that really shows your personality, inject some of your inner self-expression into those around you and really engage with people at a different level. How envious have we been of those people who can sing so sweetly or sit down and play a popular tune at the piano? The Octagon Theatre in Bolton epitomises the art of communication and using the experience of the theatre seeks to thrill, challenge and inspire audiences and actors alike. 

Communication is the single most important factor in any relationship; underestimate it at your peril.


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