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Solo Motorcycle Training Walsall specialises in all levels of motorcycle training, with courses suitable for beginners as well as advanced motorcyclists. These in-depth courses will ensure that you are able to ride skilfully and safely.

At Solo Motorcycle Training, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t riden a motorcycle before, or you haven’t done so in years. They have courses to suit everyone’s experience level and even get you back into riding.

From Compulsory Basic Training to A Licences, the trainers at Solo Motorcycle Training are fully qualified to give you the training necessary to receive the licence you’re looking for. They are also able to give rider clinics to analyse your riding and help you improve the way you do it – not to mention track clinics which can give you the thrill of racing, being taught by a professional.

Solo Motorcycle Training also specialise in first aid courses. The First Person On Scene course allows you to prepare for the pre-hospital environment, teaching you the correct procedures to take in the event of an accident; controlling injuries, assisting paramedics and handling patients are just a few sections the course will cover.


Solo Motorcycle Training provides the following services:

  • Motorcycle training
  • Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)
  • A1 Licence training
  • A2 Licence training
  • A Licence training
  • Rider Clinics
  • Track Clinics
  • Advanced Clinics
  • Veterans Clinics
  • Group Riding
  • First Person On Scene (First Aid) training



Solo Motorcycle Training in Walsall provides some of the most exciting courses available, with all instructors being DSA approved.

With over 20 years of motorcycle instructing experience, they offer friendly training sessions that are fully tailored towards the needs of each individual.

Owner Lenny has held a full motorcycle licence since early 1990 and has been an instructor since 1995 covering thousands of road miles. He is renowned for his friendly, fun and relaxed approach to instructing which makes Solo Motorcycle such a popular choice for those looking for motorcycle training in Walsall.



For recommended motorcycle training and first aid training in Walsall contact Lyndon Jones at Solo Motorcycle Training on 0121 296 4740or 07785 112297.

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