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18th June 2013
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You wouldn’t think it from the weather we’ve been having in Salford, but it is in fact summer time once again. June seems to have come around at lightning speed, and we can all finally get excited about our exotic getaways!

If you’re heading on holiday over the next few months, or have sons and daughters who are, it is essential to put precautions in place to keep your money, and yourself, safe. Don’t rely on hiding your money in your hotel room. Although it may be a nuisance, invest in the deposit for a safe while you’re away, and have peace of mind that your money is locked away. While you think it will never happen to you, hotel rooms being broken into or cleaners stealing from guests is not unheard of, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Similarly when you’re out and about, while that beach tote may match your outfit perfectly, do you really want to invite opportunist thieves with a bag that’s gaping open? Consider a cross-body satchel that you can keep an eye on.

If your kids are heading off to the likes of Malia, Zante, or Magaluf this summer, there’s no need to have sleepless nights for 2 weeks, just teach them how to keep themselves safe. Teens can be frivolous with money, especially when they’re away celebrating the end of Uni. Tell them to budget their money, and not spend it all on jagerbombs on the first night. When it does come to alcohol, you can never be there to stop them drinking, but you can let them know that being paralytic is one way to lose all your money and your dignity, and put yourself in a lot of danger. Tell them to always have a point of contact, stay with friends, and keep their wits about them, that way they can enjoy a great time while they’re away (and so can you!)

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