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12th June 2013
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Last week the media all over the UK has been buzzing with the news that the Museum of Science and Industry could face closure in the near future. It’s no secret that there have been severe cuts in the arts sector of late, but the possible closure of this esteemed and popular institution has had the local society upset and outraged.

With industry being an important part of the heritage of Manchester and Salford, MOSI is a great place for tourists and children to learn about the history of these 2 cities. This internationally renowned museum is great for inspiring young people to get interested in science and engineering, and many scientists and teachers from local universities and schools have pointed out that the institution should be receiving more funds, rather than facing closure.

There are currently over 30,000 names signed on the petition being spread by the Manchester Evening News and the list is ever-growing. It is to be hoped that with the amount of local people and professionals that have been upset by the news of MOSI’s possible closure that the museum will soon be saved.


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