Wishing you a Calmer Christmas
14th December 2018
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As 2018 draws to a close I'd like to reflect with gratitude what a delightful year it has been and look forward with excitement on how fabulous 2019 will be.......I've met some wonderful people in 2018 and had great opportunities to share my message of connecting with the calmer version of yourself to help people in such a variety of ways.The year started with Exam Stress Workshops at Helenswood which helped pupils overcome nerves and anxiety. This led to my online packages for Interview Performance teaching people how to 'Ace that Interview and Get that Job'. My other online package has been Driver's Confidence in helping nervous learner's get to grips with the nerves that can hinder the learning process and be confident when test day arrives. I've enjoyed facilitation Workplace Workshops to enable employees to show their staff how they care for their emotional health and wellbeing. These have improved working relationships and communication, improved productivity and led to less days being taken off sick.I have had the privilege of working with small business owners too, helping them release the fears and blocks that so often prevent them from success. I've shared valuable coping strategies for dealing with PMT and Menopause symptoms which have been reported to be relationship savers and life changers as, quite often, working with one person has a ripple effect to family and friends. I've been honoured to be asked to help with a local charity for Autism and seen first hand how this has helped ease anxieties and worries that can ruin our quality of life........and last but not least I've taught doggie reiki to many, which has been pure joy. I'm so looking forward to 2019 where I've been asked to talk at several events to groups about dealing with stress, anxiety and depression and continuing to serve my clients in the best possible way for them. I learn so much from these talks and discussions. My work will be concentrating a little more on Mental Health and Wellbeing as I'm heavily involved with a wonderful event that will be happening in May 2019 which will provide support and education for local people who are struggling in this area......If any of this feels like you and you'd like to know how I may be able to help you transform your life by learning the simple art of relaxation, please do get in touch with me. I offer a free, no obligation, Calmer Connection Call where we can discuss what your concerns are and I can demonstrate how I can help you...........let's make 2019 the best year ever........Nadine x

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