Why customers are not always right
11th June 2018
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We listen, but the customer can be wrong sometimes. Here’s why…

There are some people that think they know best. A children’s party entertainer is hired to occupy and have fun with the children and grown up guests. On arrival the party organiser, usually the Mum says “You set up over there and this is the order things will happen in.” That’s fine, it’s the entertainer’s job to listen to the customer and try to be accommodating wherever possible.

A good children’s entertainer will take a step back and as an expert who has done this many times in various locations. A good one who has the experience to say back to the Mum, “I’m sorry but with my experience I would suggest we do it this way and that way, so as to make the best possible party for your child.”

It could be for reasons of staging. The show might work better if there is not a doorway, or the toilet route right near the stage area. If the sun is out or the lighting is bad, the party photos won’t look as good for your memories and social media. Next to the kitchen area or food table might be too noisy or too tempting for the kids. And so on.

So when you hire a good experienced specialist entertainer who knows what they are doing, the customer is not always right. Maybe the expert, the experienced professional can help the party be the very best it can be by altering the plan slightly.

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