Who peels your oranges?
7th March 2016
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Whole Foods in the USA actually employed people to peel your oranges for you and then seal them in a plastic box. Consumers were then asked to buy a box for $6! Twitter users were enraged that so much plastic packaging was used so unnecessarily. Why replace a perfect peel that has a built in mould feature? They Tweeted.

However, the flip side was that it actually made eating oranges easier for people with disabilities. After all when you go to a supermarket do you buy a fresh pineapple or purchase pineapple in a can?

The world offers us choices all the time. Convenience and necessity are our biggest influencers. If you looked at your weekly bill on fruit & veg from a big supermarket and then compered with a smaller independent grocer there probably wouldn't be much of a difference in price. Would you rather support a small business that brings variety and visitors to our high streets? I'm not suggesting that you only shop at independents. That would be impractical.

Instead, you could make a point of buying half a dozen items from your shopping list. After all, if you go to town for a great coffee why not buy some great oranges that you can peel yourself. The Fruitique has a great selection of fresh fruit & veg and would welcome your custom!

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