What Do You Do When Sh*t Hits The Fan!
23rd July 2018
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3 out of 4 weeks of every month is difficult and success doesn’t come over night. However, that one good week is usually far greater of an achievement and feeling that anyone that has taken the easy path would probably feel once or twice in the year!

I have personally learnt a lot over the last few years but most importantly I have learnt more about my characteristics than anything. I have built a firm understanding of what is needed to achieve the success I am aiming for and when times are tough what I need to do to make sure the good week becomes a GREAT week!

-        Never change your end goal. You set this goal when you started your venture and didn’t choose to be told what to do every day! The goal might be farfetched, and others may disbelieve it will ever happen, however you’re the one that counts! Next time you doubt your ambitions, turn it around and say, ‘what happens when I do achieve my goal?’

-        Self-Belief! More times than not you will have sleepless nights not knowing if you made the right decision or whether things will turn out ok in the end. But never stop believing in yourself and skills.

-        Confidence. You must have an aura of confidence about you and your product. Confidence can turn into arrogance so be careful. Remember presenting your products, services confidently. Remember if you have and show confidence others will also have confidence!

-        Surround yourself with people that are better than you! Everyone needs a team around them of associates that support your journey, however will these people really make you better? Will they challenge your decisions, or will they simply sit their nodding heads? Personally, I have learnt a lot more from being in a room where I am questioned, challenged and tested. If you are going to take time out of your busy schedule you need to make sure that time is spent getting better than you were yesterday!

Are these the ‘secrets to being successful’? Absolutely not! There is no secret! It takes hard work, commitment and sacrifice to be successful. However, taking note of the above will help you answer the above question of what I do when the sh*t hits the fan!

Brush yourself off, get out there and make sure that your ready for the next challenge on your journey to success.

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