Think Webinars are a waste of time? Not sure if they are beneficial!
23rd August 2018
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1. Stop running FREE webinars. Content is key! Good quality content comes at a cost. If someone is willing to make some form of commitment, they generally will set time aside to concentrate and contribute instead of being distracted. Aim for quality not quantity.

2. Webinars are the future. It is also interesting to note that the term “webinar” is averagely googled 110,000 times per month. In May this year the word “webinar” has been searched for on Google more than 194,700 times.

3. The World is your oyster. It helps businesses reach a larger audience. Because it is virtual, people anywhere in the world can take part. Don't narrow your market.

4. Webinars are cost effective to ALL. It can save time. Instead of travelling to a conference wasting petrol, time, and money, just host a webinar.

5. Webinar audiences prefer attending webinars that run between 45 and 60 minutes long. Run a factual, sharp webinar with 45min content and 15min interaction time. DON'T WASTE PEOPLES TIME!

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