Theming your Kid’s Party, or even Adults party.
11th November 2018
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When you decide to have put on a party there are many things to consider: venue, number of guests, budget, food, drinks, entertainment and so it goes on. Why theme your party? Here are some reasons to help you!

Focus – it gives you and your guests a starting point to gather your thoughts. There are plenty of themes out there (just google them!). This theme focus can help eliminate distracting shiny things and help you purchase or make what you really need. Paper goods like plates and napkins are plentiful at party shops or online. Themed balloons, cake decorations, food and the entertainment can be themed too.

Bespoke Party - Themes can be tailored to your child’s favourite thing they love. It gives them the power to decide the theme and show off to their friends what they are into. It can help other parents find a present to buy your birthday kid. And one they know your kid will like and play with or use. It makes your party different from others your child and friends may go to, and can be the talk of the playground  for several days.

Creativity and Imagination Like we need an excuse to trawl the internet, but at least this can get you inspired and search for the right thing for your themed party. Plenty of Pinterest lists, blogs from other parents, and even party agencies that you can get inspiration from too. You can find the right entertainer for your theme, or ask your favourite balloon entertainer (me!) to help. Depending on your budget, you can buy stuff or make your own décor/ food/ cake to your own whims and ideas. You can even get your child to help you, at least with some ideas, if not assist with making and creating. So there is a great activity to do as well!

Top tip if it’s a children’s party – ensure the theme is broad enough for both boys and girls.

Today I’ve been performing my show at a themed birthday party. The theme was Rainbows for twins aged four, one boy, and one girl. I was easily able to adapt my balloon show to incorporate rainbow coloured balloons in most of the show.  I tested the kids on knowing their colours and that gave lots of interaction throughout the show. “Awesome, funny, perfectly planned to fit with my theme. The kids (and adults) loved it!” Bex M

If you are planning a party and need any help with themes, or want to know what is possible with balloons, head over to my website and contact me to see how I can help make your party rock!

Photo by Steven Libralon on Unsplash

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