The UW Cashback card and benefits
26th April 2019
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One of the many great benefits of being a Utility Warehouse member is our unique cashback card.
All you need to do is top up your pre paid card then go shopping as you would normally. It's shopping you're already doing (food, fuel and other essentials) the only difference being a percentage of your spend comes off your monthly utility bill. It works a bit like a pay as you go mobile (do we remember them?) you just top it up and when it's run out, that's it. You can't get into debt.

You can earn between 3-7% cashback at 50 of our retail partners and 1% in most other shops. The savings don't stop there! If you are a keen online shopper, this opens up even more saving opportunities. 

Would saving money on the things you're already spending on benefit you or somebody you know?
Take our cash back challenge by following this link to see how much you could save. and scroll down to the cash back challenge.
You can also do yourself a quote there for all your essential services absolutely no obligation but you know where I am if you'd like further information.

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