The role of nutrition in sport
18th July 2017
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Maintaining a well-balanced, nourished diet is vital for athletes as it provides them with key sources of energy that are required in order for them to carry out their activity.

Professional tennis players, for example, need to have incredibly structured meal routines to the point where they are eating a pre-match, during-match, and post-match meals in order to make up for the nourishment that they lose through exercise.

On top of this, professional tennis players will often be seen drinking electrolyte drinks during their matches in order to rehydrate, and re energise as quickly as possible.

The meals that we eat and the liquids that we drink both before and after exercising are crucial to keeping your body nourished.


Hydration is essential

E9 Energy Drink is a healthy alternative that helps to increase your energy levels naturally.

E9 is full of healthy ingredients and contains absolutely no sugar. This energy drink combines a blend of natural caffeine from guarana seed and green tea leaf, amino acids such as L-Arginine, herbal extracts including yerba mate leaf extract, B-Vitamins and vitamin C as well as a number of other healthy ingredients.

E9 is the perfect energy drink for those that are on the go. If you are partaking in sport, doing long shift work, a student with lots of deadlines or live any other form of busy lifestyle, this is the energy drink for you. I especially love it for night time driving and that extra positive lift on a long day.


Health Benefits

The E9 Energy Drink provides healthy energy with a unique low-calorie drink formulation.  This drink assists the human body in maintaining mental and physical energy levels to help you stay alert. Furthermore, E9 supports the body’s natural ability to produce energy.

Contact Helen 07545 227272 today for more information on how E9 energy drink can help you stay energised.


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