The Glare of the Winter Night
7th February 2018
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As the days have shortened and the hours of darkness lengthen, several of my customers have reported difficulty with oncoming bright car lights - some to the extent of either shutting their eyes (not recommended) or simply not driving at night. This problem is worse in the winter months obviously, but it is a year round concern. 

I have ‘flashed’ oncoming cars which I thought were on ‘Main Beam’ only to discover they were on ‘Dipped’ after all… modern technology means ever brighter lights it seems.

An added factor is the increasing number of Commercial and 4 x 4 vehicles, which are higher than traditional saloon cars, this may exacerbate the problem of oncoming glare.

I’ve worn Yellow prescription lenses for many years when driving at night, and my customers report a similar level of comfort wearing them for night driving. Those customers without a prescription feel similarly more comfortable wearing them at night. The specific yellow tint I use seems to be important, some yellows are unsuitable.  

Don’t take my word for it, ‘Read our Reviews’ here for some customer reactions to the solution of this problem… Stay safe and reduce the glare!

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