The end of the golden Olympics in Rio, the start of an inspired new you
22nd August 2016
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If you have been inspired by the Olympics and want to start a new healthier beginning, you may be interested to learn about how sports people use Synergy products to maintain health and performance during training.

The IAM Cycling Team are advocates of Synergy products.  They use the ‘V3 System’ which incorporates Phytolife, Mistify and Pro Argi9.  


How do the Synergy products help?

Phytolife is a chlorophyll drink which is crucial in rebalancing  the body's pH balance. Since exercise raises the levels of acidity in the body this is important. Phytolife also helps aids digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Mistify  on the other hand helps bolster the immune system and provides valuable antioxidants all of which ensure an athlete can perform at their optimum.

Finally Pro-argi 9+ helps fight fatigue by ensuring a good supply of oxygen, nutrition and blood gets to all the muscles. It also promotes  the speedy removal of lactic acid and by improving cardiac output boosts performance.

All of these products taken together can greatly help a sports or fitness regime.

So if you’ve been inspired by the Olympics, are undertaking a sport, or training for a challenge, contact Helen of Prosper With Synergy for your FREE Consultation and start benefiting from the superb products that Synergy offer.

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