The curse of the digital age is our relentless and growing focus on screens
14th April 2020
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Although the current Covid 19 Pandemic has dramatically curtailed routine visits to Health providers such as Opticians, it has also provided us with some time to consider ‘stuff’ that we normally simply don’t have time for.

The curse of the digital age is our relentless and growing focus on screens, another Pandemic is surfacing before our eyes, Myopia.

What is it? It’s an eye condition that causes distant objects to appear blurred, while close objects can be seen clearly. You might have a higher risk of being short sighted if your parents are, but in many cases it stabilises in early adulthood but may progress with age.

Recent research jointly funded by the College of Optometrists and Ulster University has shown that myopia is twice as prevalent now than it was 50 years ago.

The natural question to ask is why? Researchers are increasingly coming to the conclusion that modern lifestyles, involving little outdoor activity and constant indoor screen use are a direct cause of myopia…half the world can be expected to be myopic by 2050.

The overwhelming message seems to be : Less Screen time is best.

There are lenses available that make screen use more comfortable, when we’re able to resume a more ‘normal’ life. Locked Down needn’t mean Locked In to your screen…

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