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20th February 2017
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When we exercise, or even if we are under stress, our bodies naturally produce sweat as a means of regulating a healthy temperature. Unfortunately, in doing so our body releases minerals that we need to stay focused and energised.
Our energy uses a combination of minerals to ensure that you maintain a healthy, long- lasting form of energy.

Enhance Your Performance with E9 From Synergy

If you are training for an upcoming marathon, maintaining New Year’s resolutions, or taking on a stressful new project at work, E9 can help you stay focused and perform at your best.

Giving no ‘highs or crashes’ E9 keeps you naturally energised and focused, mentally and physically whatever the demands of your day.

E9 combines L-argine, Vitamin B Complex & Vitamin C, as well as many more essential nutrients.

L-argine assists with cardiovascular health, improving the body’s immune system, detoxification as well as assisting brain power.  L-argine assists with the production of certain hormones that assist with the reception of glucose and the transformation of this into energy.

Vitamin B Complex brings together some of the most effective B Vitamins which help the body convert food into energy. In addition to increasing energy efficiency, vitamin B complex can also assist in nourishing skin and hair and has also been shown to help improve memory.

Many of us find exercising in the cold to be less than appealing. As Per the University of Helsinki in Finland, up to half of those exercising in cold conditions experience exercise- induced asthma. The Vitamin C, found in E9, can reduce the coughing and general shortness of breath that is associated with exercise induced asthma while the arginine supports the production of Nitric Oxide in the pulmonary arteries so also aiding lung function.

The E9 Energy Drink from Synergy is so effective that it is used by athletes at high- profile sporting events such as the Olympics, FA Premiership, and The NFL, to name a few.

Contact Helen Prosper today to order yourself some of Synergy’s E9 Energy Drink.  

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