Spreading smiles one balloon at a time
30th April 2018
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I love doing what I do, I put a smile on people's faces with balloons. Whether that is performing balloon shows, or creating balloon art in front of them - I love it! And even making balloon sculptures as gifts, so I don't see the smiles myself, yet receive great feedback from clients and wonderful reviews - as you can read in my review section here on the Best of Hastings Danny The Idiot entry.

I was reminded this weekend, performing and entertaining for some foreign children (some of whom can't yet speak English) that  laughter is the same in any language, and so are smiles. The next day I entertained a very different group of children who also enjoyed a bit of banter and loved the balloons I created. Adults too, enjoy my shows and wearable balloon art. We are all big kids at heart! 

I love taking a few balloons of different colours and sizes, and watching people's faces alter as I inflate, tie, twist, bend, and shape simple balloons into something delightful. Whether adults or children's fabulous smiles, they continue to fuel me to further my balloon art, create new balloon routines and spread smiles one balloon at a time.

So if you would like me to make lots of smiles at your next event please take a look here www.DannyTheIdiot.com

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"I create memories, smiles and amazing photo opportunities at all kinds of events for both children and adults with balloon shows and wearable balloon art. I also create bespoke balloon gifts for your...

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