Sportswoman powered by Synergy at the Rio Paralympics 2016
10th September 2016
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After another four-year wait, the Paralympic Games are finally upon us to test the world champions once more.  Sonja Tobiassen will be representing Norway in the air rifle shooting in the 2016 Paralympic Games hosted in the tropical Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

In preparation for the Paralympic Games, Sonia is training hard and understands that taking care of your health on both the inside and out is essential in order to succeed.

Sonja is a long-time advocate of Synergy and has used the products to ensure that she always performs at the top of her game.

Synergy products are designed with the athletes needs in mind. By using ingredients like chlorophyll, Synergy products regulate and rebalance the body’s natural PH levels.

Some of Synergy’s most successful products include Mistify and Pro-argi 9+. Mistify helps to bolster the body’s natural immune system and subsequently boosts valuable antioxidants needed for optimum performance.

Pro-argi 9+ assists in combatting the feeling of fatigue by maximising the body’s efficiency when absorbing oxygen and nutrition. This speeds up the blood supply to the muscles and helps athletes maintain their focus.  Furthermore, Pro-argi 9+ promotes the rapid breakdown of lactic acid, thus improving cardiac output and boosting athletic endurance.

These products can be taken together or individually for whatever your body requires to maintain your peak level of fitness.

If you are athletic, participate in sports, or training for a challenge, then contact Helen of Prosper with Synergy for a FREE consultation and start benefitting from Synergy’s invigorating line of products. 

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