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9th December 2018
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This week there is no blog. I have nothing to say – I’ve been too busy with Christmas work performing at corporate Christmas parties, here, there and especially everywhere. It’s the time of the year where I move from being an Idiot to living as an Elf in my fabulous Elf costume spreading seasonal joy, amazing balloon wearables and yuletide winter wonders. Balloons on hairbands, slapbands or hair ties ensure children and adults alike can hang on to their balloons when heading outside or dining at Christmas parties hands free to eat, hold drinks and dance. In addition to balloons I carry lights, to illuminate balloons, confetti – again inside balloons, and feathers, for that extra fluffy touch.

My favourite request and challenge was for a lady who wanted a snowman on a raft as her group had all been rafting earlier this year. It was late, I was tired, so on further questioning next year’s challenge will be paragliding. As I was making the snowman I worked out how to add a paraglider and she was delighted. I was much relieved!

Next week continues along the same lines, so I’m sorry I’ve had nothing to write about this week.

If you would like to make your event even more memorable with incredible balloon art or amazing balloon shows, please contact me at

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