Shopper Anonymous Sussex is a Business Asset With its Finger on the Pulse of your Business
21st February 2018
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When it comes to understanding how a business is faring at grass roots level, serious business professionals know that their staff are the greatest source of feedback about how the business is doing. Carefully overseeing your staff performance can turn good input into something even better. Successful businesses always keep an eye on their biggest asset: their team of employees.

Unless you're operating a simple "one man band" business, you ultimately place your trust in your team members to represent your business and maintain the same standards that you, yourself, hold.

So, with this in mind, when was the last time you asked your team how they feel about your business? As your greatest ambassadors, how they feel about their workplace will be very clear to your customers, so getting it right is key. A demotivated, aggrieved and negative team member won't be coming across to your customers with positive, cheery signals. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your business is vitally important.

If you're planning to make an effective change within your business without knowing what your staff feel, effectively achieving that change could prove incredibly difficult. Whatever your end goal is you need to carry your team along with you if you want to gain maximum benefit. This includes your full team and not just those that are customer-facing.

Research has shown that when someone works with a positive mindset all aspects of their productivity improves considerably - this comes across on all levels including productivity, creativity, engagement. Staff taking ownership of the job and feeling like they're an integral part of the company improves their productivity which has huge benefits for the employer.

Which brings us on to Shopper Anonymous Sussex. They exist to provide exactly this kind of feedback on behalf of a business, and can do so by conducting staff surveys. The value of this service for business owners is that the service is totally objective in its approach and helps reinforce good practice where it exists. It helps provide tangible information for a businesses by giving real life examples of outstanding customer service, product knowledge and a feel for how well balanced the customer experience is.

Shopper Anonymous Sussex can conduct staff surveys on your behalf, meaning you can get to the heart of exactly how our staff feel about the business. You will be able to recognise and reward the outstanding contributions of your staff, and where there is a shortfall this can be addressed by implementing training and additional rewards to help boost staff.

Some excellent ideas from Shoppers Anonymous Sussex are:

  • Recognise and reward: people like to know they've done a great job. Show them they've done exactly that by showing you recognise their achievement. Why not reward them with a voucher to go out for dinner, an extra day off, tickets to a show, etc.
  • Monthly incentive:  recognise outstanding achievement on a regular basis rather than just ad hoc. Introduce a monthly team award for the best performer. It gives the team something to work for.
  • Encourage collaboration: if you have space in your office, create spaces where team members can meet and share ideas. Many great ideas can emerge out of water cooler discussions!
  • Consider added benefits: those little extras can make a job seem even more appealing. Added benefits like life insurance or private health care create the impression that you really care about your staff and their families.
  • Career path for ambitious staff:  the opposite of a dead end job is to feel like it's going to lead somewhere. Make your staff feel like they want to stay with you, that they have a career ahead of them and they're a valuable part of the team.
As Richard Branson said: "If you look after your staff well, they will look after your customers. Simple."


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