Seven Occasions When You Should Always Use an Accountant...
9th June 2017
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Good practice is essential in business, how else can one know when a business is working properly, generating sustainable growth, and making profits? Wise business people take a pro-active view and secure the services of a qualified accountant early in their business life to maintain a steady-as-she-goes overview and manage compliance.

However, there are specific occasions, for example,

Quarterly where a business is registered for VAT, it makes good sense to ask an accountant to register your business for you and give them authority to complete quarterly returns and tell you how much to pay and when, thereby avoiding penalties.

Accurate Bookkeeping is essential in all dealings with HMRC; at GMP we offer a comprehensive range of highly cost-effective services to keep business people up to date.

Annually, year-end accounts are needed in any business for:

HMRC Tax Returns, completion of Company Tax and personal tax returns, on-line submission, ensuring avoidance of penalties for late payment.

Disbursements of profits and income for Directors.

Preparation of Reports and Audited Accounts for Board meetings and shareholder meetings.

Pensions, under current legislation all businesses employing one or more people must register them for a work place pension, at GMP, we are experts in this field.

Compliance with all current legislation including forthcoming HMRC changes that will affect your business.

Monthly / weekly, Payroll services to deal with all aspects of on-time and accurate payroll requirements, deductions etc.

Effective Credit Control, ongoing, one sure way to maintain the effectiveness of a business is to seek professional help with cashflow, credit control, getting paid and paying one’s suppliers; here at GMP we will advise about the most cost-effective way to stay on top of this vexing issue.

Here at GMP we’re a full-service firm of chartered accountants, which means that we can carry out all the services that you would expect from a firm of Chartered Accountants. We deal with company, business and charity accounts, carry out audits, deal with tax issues for people and for business, give business advice and personal financial guidance. 

We can make a real difference to secure your personal and your business' financial future. We look after private companies of all sizes, professional and family partnerships, sole traders and personal tax clients.

Additionally, we’re registered auditors and qualified tax specialists, situated in Bexhill, Rye and Tenterden and while you’ll always be welcome to come and see us, we’ll come to you.

Knowing and understanding the business community locally allows our experienced team to help solve problems quickly and efficiently. Every business benefits from outside advice in a relationship of mutual respect and trust. A very high level of technical competence is what clients will get from Gibbons Mannington & Phipps LLP. We are committed to developing and maintaining a close and proactive relationship with each of our clients.

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