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17th February 2019
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We've just had Valentine's Day and there's lots of talk about Self Care/Self Love.

What does it mean to you? How does it make you feel?

On our last Mindfulness Walk, we included a little meditation to tune into how we really feel about self-care and a way to let go of the guilt that sometimes comes with it.

I was also on the radio with the lovely Eco Jane on Valentine's Eve with a Love and Hearts chill Out Session with tips for relaxation and healthy nutrition and advice for a healthy heart.

My year started with some self-care imposed on me. I tripped and hurt my knee and bumped my head. I wasn't very happy, to be honest as this was not the start to the New Year I had planned but I mellowed into it and listened to my body realising that it was meant to be.

Other ways I enjoy self-care are as follows:

I regularly give myself a mini pamper session where I treat myself to a facial, pedicure and manicure. I can only find time for this on occasion on a Sunday morning but I love it when I am able.

I have a morning ritual that I need to do every day...I go into the garden and feed the birds, say good morning to the sunrise, do a bit of Taichi and positive meditation to set me up for the day......if I miss this precious time I really feel it.

I am so lucky  I get to walk my doggies in the woods every day...what joy.

I connect with my therapist to deal with my own particular issues which are a constant for me and I am lucky to have a wonderful lady here in Hastings that can help me.

I am also approaching my business in a new way....a better way for me.

I went up to London to see my hairdresser...a very good friend....and we are now looking after my hair in a different way. Getting rid of the harsh chemicals and treating my hair to organic products and colours.

I treated myself by visiting  Clinique in Hastings and getting a new foundation and powder......(better suited to my ageing skin). Lovely products and a very special treat for me.

What do you do for yourself?

When we're busy we put other's needs before our own and self-care often gets forgotten.

If you'd like help with ...

......finding what self-care is best for you

.......fitting it into your hectic schedule

.......and letting go of any guilt that comes with it 

Get in touch with Nadine for a 'Calmer Connection Call' 

We can discuss any concerns and I will demonstrate how I can help you

This can be done on the phone, in person over a cuppa or via the internet...whichever suits you best

Book now  Call 07856 169186



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