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11th January 2018
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So every New Year we make promises to ourselves that we WILL be super healthy and get fit this year!  However, making new year resolutions that tend to quickly go by the way is often not the best way forward.

When your health is on track, then so are you!  To get on track and stay on track it is best to make small but significant changes that you can implement into YOUR lifestyle and sustain.  In thinking about what changes are most helpful to you and then in supporting you to maintain them a Health Coach could be exactly who you need.

Finding the right diet isn’t always easy and alone isn’t fully effective. A Health Coach can guide you to that all-round balanced and happy health goal you’re looking for!

Of course, diet plays an important role, but so too does our physical and mental health. We need to move and sleep, live a life we enjoy with a balance of work and play. A health coach will support you to achieve all that.


Synergy's Microbiome

One way of really kick starting the nutritional aspect is to do Synergy’s Microbiome Purify Kit. It supplies you with all the tools to get your gut in gear and provides a deep detox too. It is easy to follow and because in the process it enables you to change your eating habits and stops cravings, it really does set you up for a healthier year.

For example - Biome DT creates an alkaline environment, an environment in which the bad bacteria can no longer thrive in, and helps to safely remove toxins and heavy metals from organs. ProArgi-9+ improves your circulation ensuring nutrients get to every cell and also helps to remove ammonia safely whilst Body Prime provides the magnesium we need and ensures healthy bowel movement.

Finally, the Biome Shake and Biome Actives regenerate all your good bacteria, whilst the Shake ad DT also help to repair the gut lining so leaving a happy gut and happy you!

When your microbiome is restored to its former glory, you are giving yourself a kick start to achieve elite health, better moods, a stronger immune system and even weight loss.

Picture your gut as the engine room for the rest of your body- looking after your engine, keeps you running better and more efficiently – leaving you happier & healthier!


Let's do it! 

Fresh starts aren’t as scary as they can sometimes seem, especially when you have the support you need.

If you are looking to improve your health in 2018 – then get in touch with me.

An initial chat is complimentary and could help give you the kick start you need.


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