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30th August 2016
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It is that time of year again, or at least it will be very soon, but now is the time to plan and get ready to take action. Business people are notorious for being slow with their tax returns and payments but this is unwise as the HMRC will penalise for late submission and settlement of taxes due. Remember, we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan. Business operators are sensible, pragmatic people who do what they do to make money, many of them are gifted experts in their own field whilst being unaware of their responsibilities, to fail to plan their commitments is unwise, downright dangerous, and possibly even criminally careless.

Why do it now?

Because now is the time to prepare your accounts and get them ready. Well-presented accounts in a well-ordered and efficient state will help when it comes to completion of the tax returns and should HMRC come calling they will want to see accounts that are correctly prepared, carelessly completed bookkeeping is very counter-productive.

Being busy people it is easy for us to overlook regular book keeping. How many of us have waited until the financial year end is nigh, or the Vat return is due tomorrow, before actually doing what we should have done months ago? Too many. There is a better way, that will save burning the mid-night oil, improve business efficiency, and be highly cost effective in the process – less waste more profit.

Professional Accountancy is the easy way to stay out of trouble.

Chartered Accountants, Ashdown Hurrey are dedicated to keeping our clients out of trouble by organising their accountancy and book keeping routines for them or by advising them what to do and when to do it.

Collecting data from clients an accountancy firm will, upon instructions, do the books, collate accounts, organise payroll, complete pensions related documentation, manage your finances, organise VAT and Self-Assessment for Taxation purposes and submit the paper work on line and make sure you pay on the due date. All that remains for you to do is make the payments, including to the accountant of course, and get on with the business of running your business.

Accountancy is about accounting for your actions, and doing so in a Legal and comprehensive way including keeping records and administering a commercial enterprise in the most efficient way possible. Whilst one can be an expert in making or building or doing things it takes another expert to attend to the administrative details correctly. Business people work hard to generate profits; it is easy to diminish profits by taking inappropriate steps. It is highly cost effective to employ a Professional Accountant to alleviate the risk of far greater expense through mismanagement.

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