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28th March 2018
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Bexhill Film Company, the brainchild of professional photographer and film maker Luke Jones, is helping many local businesses boost their marketing through the power of film.

The benefits of marketing for promoting your business is clear: it's all about getting your message out to potential customers to increase your sales. Marketing however isn't a one-off activity and then you sit back and reap the rewards. It's an ‘organic’ entity that is ever changing and dynamic. What was state of the art even five years ago has already been replaced with the next big thing. For example, as little as ten years marketing through social media was pretty much non-existent. Now online marketing through social media is vital to any serious business.

Making the most of your marketing spend is vital and Bexhill Film Company is on hand to help.

Bexhill Film Company offers business and corporate marketing solutions that are 21st century in every way. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a professionally made video presentation must surely be worth millions!

Luke Jones has worked with many local businesses from sole traders and SME’s to blue chip companies to develop their marketing profile. Claude of ClaudeComputing, another bestof Hastings member, is so impressed with Bexhill Film Company he is featured on their website! Check him out here.

Specialising in high-quality corporate photography and video production Bexhill Film Company pride themselves on providing great customer service by taking the time to consult with you to truly understand your individual business requirements.

Bexhill Film Company offers the following services:

  • Web content
  • Online promotional stills
  • Motion animation
  • Graphics
  • Headshots
  • Training videos
  • Music videos
  • Charity campaign videos
  • Life event videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Marketing strategy support*

Luke Jones, says “Having the correct corporate video and web content is the most effective method to boost your brand and grow your business”.

Bespoke video production services can be as structured according to the exact wishes of each client to provide creative support and development, allowing fast and cost-efficient video production for online delivery.

Marketing Strategy Support*
Utilising Bexhill Film Co’s marketing knowledge and skills base the company, in consultation with the client, will establish a clear objective for the marketing drive through researching competitors and by studying the customer base that is to be targeted. They always focus on what the core message needs to be ensuring that it is clear and memorable. They can make the objective memorable using their storyboarding and script writing services to produce memorable stories that are fresh and incisive. The project will then proceed to film, animate and edit once the client is happy, following that they will proceed with final production.

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