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3rd April 2018
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Your business IT system can be the backbone of the business, keeping the wheels of the organisation moving, but taking the system for granted and not maintaining it properly can be a costly mistake.

Only last year, in May 2017 the NHS computer systems were crippled by a ransomware attack, causing endless disruption, inconvenience and putting lives at risk. Operations were cancelled, ambulances were diverted, and patient records and other important documents became unavailable throughout England and Scotland.

Maintaining your business IT system is key. Allowing those systems to become unsafe and inefficient is counterproductive, meaning your business is much more at risk of being under attack. Proactive care and protection from viruses is essential to any serious user and can be a lifesaver.

ClaudeComputing of Hastings is here to help, offering IT support and training to many local businesses.

If you think of antivirus protection as being like a door lock, keeping your business IT systems protected and safe. Leaving your house unlocked makes it much easier for thieves to enter your home, and in the same way, Antivirus protection is a front door that protects the data on your computers. If you don’t have any antivirus protection, or it's not been updated in some time, your data for you and your business is much more accessible to people that it shouldn't be.

Anyone who uses the internet for business or leisure could be exposed to viruses at any tome. ClaudeComputing can reduce your risks, set ting up antivirus protection on your system to prevent those viruses from corrupting your files.

Claude has a few top tips that you could implement now to minimise your risks:

  • make sure you have fully functioning up to date virus protection
  • be aware of not venturing onto websites that are potentially risky - for example when paying for something online always make sure the website is secure 
  • be careful when opening emails and files especially from unknown addresses. These could carry virus that enter into your system as soon as they're opened
  • online scams are becoming more and more common. Be very wary of giving any personal information to anyone online as the recipient may not be genuine.

To be sure you're completely covered talk to Claude about installing effective antivirus measures on your IT system. He'll help you make sure that your IT systems are fit for purpose and work with you to keep your system properly maintained to avoid risks in the future too.

Every business and organisation is different, their use of IT equipment is specific to them, storage of sensitive and private information is often involved, and in every case there is a unique solution. There is also a Data Protection aspect to IT system security, especially with the new GDPR regulations coming in this May. Due diligence requires businesses and organisations to demonstrate that they protect personal data by which individuals may be identified totally, only with Antivirus protection in place can owners and operators demonstrate compliance.

Claude has more than 17 years' experience in taking care of solutions for his clients, offering a service that's tailored to their individual needs. Get peace of mind for your business with support from ClaudeComputing.

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