Potential to be Something Amazing
17th February 2020
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These balloons are uninflated, fresh out of the bag. They have the potential to be anything I choose. I can just inflate them, or I can work my balloon skills and manipulate them into balloon art that is unexpected, beautiful, or amazing. Or I could perform some highly entertaining and hilarious act. It’s all potential at the moment.

When you decide to have an event, it’s all potential - it could be a disaster, it could be a roaring success, perhaps even it could be like everyone else’s party that you’ve been to before. Or it could be memorable with full of people smiling because they have experienced something a little amazing with balloon entertainment. Great photos, happy guests, peace of mind after your event.

If you want your event to be Something Amazing then contact me here or go to my website www.dannytheidiot.com

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"I create memories, smiles and amazing photo opportunities at all kinds of events for both children & adults with balloon shows and wearable balloon art. In addition I design and fabricate bespoke balloon...

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