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13th February 2018
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There are 328 million people using Twitter, generating 6000 tweets every second. Twitter is a formidable social media platform that offers vast opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to operate their businesses on a global stage, and even within the United Kingdom the opportunities are huge.

What proportion of that 328 million people would you like to tap into?

Marketing through Twitter is bringing global reach into our high street, quite simply Twitter is a marketing marvel.

How, then, fo you make your brand achieve maximum impact on Twitter? How can you attract the attention of the people that are your target audience?

The answer is content marketing - but what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is the technique of creating or sharing content that you know your target audience will be attracted to, rather like creating a window display in a shop by placing your key lines where they will be seen by the majority of your target audience. You want to be adding value to your brand showing what you specialise in for the benefit of your potential customers. showcasing that you are an expert in your field and drawing potential customers in.

Getting intelligent content marketing support from the professionals at SocialBee social media specialists is the first step towards maximising your exposure and your potential.

Knowing what content marketing is and making a professional job of it is vital and the SocialBee team is ready to help!

Types of Content

There are many types of content that businesses can share and creating variety is the best way to keep your social media presence interesting. At SocialBee we recommend testing a few different strategies and monitoring your engagement and referrals to establish what is working and what is not. Social media content ideas that will help you find your right direction are:

  • 'How to' videos
  • Quotes
  • Images of your products or services in action – a picture tells a thousand words; a video says even more
  • Behind the scenes of your brand including events, production, and meetings
  • Blog posts either based on your brand or that are relevant and from industry sources
  • Infographics that relate to your industry, sector, or area of expertise.

Too much to cope with? Enough to do running your business? Not very IT savvy?

Relax, help is at hand. By outsourcing your social media marketing to our team at SocialBee, you're enlisting the support of the professionals to maximise your brand presence and drive your business content marketing forward whilst you get on with more important matters.

SocialBee will help your businesses buzz!

SocialBee Social Media is located in St Leonards -on-Sea and is the brainchild of owner Cale Sinfield, a highly knowledgeable professional with 20 years plus experience in the fields of Sales and Marketing.

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