My first Best of Hastings Blog!
23rd April 2018
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Well hello! Here is my first blog on the Best of Hastings - a great guide to whats on in Hastings, and who is doing what. But also to find out who the best of Hastings trades, services, retailers and much more. 

So who is Danny the Idiot - I'm an entertainer, a performer specialising in balloon sculptures and balloon shows. For a lot more information on what I do please head over to my website where I have videos, photos and much more. But not yet -I haven't finished here! I can entertain children of course, but also believe it or not lots of adults love balloon creations too at birthday parties, weddings, those special celebrations of 40th's, 50th's, 90th's - you get the idea.

In addition I can create sculptures for every occasion. The golfer photo you see was for an event at the Seldlescombe Golf club. I can theme almost anything given enough time. The Golf club loved this little dude and took him out on a tour of the club taking lots of photos!

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"I create memories, smiles and amazing photo opportunities at all kinds of events for both children & adults with balloon shows and wearable balloon art. In addition I design and fabricate bespoke balloon...

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