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15th August 2016
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1066 Target Sports is providing the amenity and training for the stars of the future to learn and gain confidence in target sports now. There is no better place to spend an exciting family day out.

What do discipline, self-control, courtesy and respect for others, and huge amounts of fun, have to do with shooting? Everything in short, Indoor Target Shooting requires all of these plus any amount of enthusiasm, concentration, and commitment.

This is the world of 1066 Target Sports. Indoor Target sports are available throughout the Year, the weather outside may be frightful but undercover it is not a problem, the facility is warm, dry and well lit, ideal conditions for the fun sportsmen and women and for those more serious about their sport.

1066 Target Sports welcomes whole families, has easy access, plenty of parking and is open to everyone.

As well as promoting the sports they love, their aim is to de-myth the perception of target shooting, and to teach the benefits to be gained from a disciplined sport, personal development being one of them.

1066 Target Sports offer a choice of activity including:

Rim fire target sport rifle shooting. Using .22 ammunition this sport is operated under the strictest conditions to ensure the safety of sports people and observers. There are five 25m lanes allowing plenty of simultaneous shooting.

All activities conform to current firearms legislation.

Air rifle shooting. This sport is a must for aspiring target shooters requiring accuracy and patience. There are four air rifle target lanes and four reactive air rifle lanes.

Crossbow Target Shooting is another healthy indoor sport appealing to both men and women, young and old, and of all abilities. This sport is based on medieval archery but with modern equivalent crossbows providing good sport that can be enjoyed by most people.

Archery, the province of Robin Hood famous for his use of the long bow. This Olympic sport is great fun and requires accuracy and strength, why not develop an interest in this excellent sport through 1066 Target Sports?  Archery ranges are set for indoor targets with four lanes, at distances of up to 20m. The variety in range layout and target choice will make sure every visit is as enjoyable as possible. 1066 Target Sports will ensure that you enjoy your own archery journey, taken at a pace to suit you. With fully trained on-site staff, plus access to a top class NFAA Advanced Instructor. You will be equipped with a modern re-curve bow and arrows suitable for your size and strength.

Axe throwing. A great stress buster, using special axes. Another sport in which to develop accuracy, discipline, and gain strength. Great fun.

1066 Indoor Target Sports welcomes parties and groups who wish to participate in some very safe, good clean fun. 

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